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Group Coaching Program

Group Remote Culinary Health Coaching Program

12 Sessions

We will meet for twelve 45-minute sessions, every week, by computer or phone. Group coaching creates a rich environment for reaching your culinary goals. Individuals benefit from being part of the community, where shared experiences offer support and learning.

The coach leads the sessions and makes sure individuals' voices are heard and everyone has an opportunity to work on their goals. During the sessions, you will review your culinary goals, acknowledge successes, identify barriers, and strategize ways to overcome those barriers. You will have access to culinary resources and recipes.

Connect From Anywhere


You can connect to the session in one of two ways:

1. Computer, Tablet, Smartphone

Connecting via one of these devices will allow you to see the coach via webcam and to be seen via your own webcam as well. This option connects through the internet so you can participate from anywhere you have internet service.


2. Smartphone, Cell Phone or Landline

You can also connect by audio-only through your phone of choice. This would be the same as making a standard phone call (long-distance charges may apply).

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