The History and Benefits of Culinary Health Coaching

Created by Rani Polak, culinary health coaching helps patients improve nutrition and overall health with remote sessions. In this article, we’ll discuss what culinary health coaching is, the approach’s history, its benefits, and more.

5 Quick Healthy Lunch Ideas

Making and preparing lunch can be time-consuming - leaving many to either rush through their lunches or frequently order unhealthy foods. But with a bit of guidance and practice, meal preparation can be stress-free and even fun. Here are 5 quick, easy, and delicious lunches to try out.

Home Cooking and Food Preparation 101

Cooking and eating at home can improve your health - but what does that really mean? This article discusses the benefits of home cooking and meal preparation, and tips for getting started.

The Impact of Culinary Telemedicine Interventions

We discuss a study conducted by the CHEF Coaching program, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital to understand the impact of culinary telemedicine interventions on nutrition, weight, and overall health.

An Overview of the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has become one of the most popular diets and is endorsed by dietitians worldwide. Read why the diet is more than a fad, foods to try, and recipes to get started.