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What is culinary health coaching? 

It’s an innovative, results-oriented program to help you overcome the barriers to cooking healthy meals at home.  The coach blends her culinary and coaching expertise to assist you in translating your new culinary knowledge into sustainable healthy habits. 

As your culinary health coach, Jane asks the right questions, listens to your answers, and partners with you to create a doable plan to achieve and sustain your health goals. 

What can you achieve? 

Learn about healthier ingredients, improve your cooking skills, create a healthy kitchen and pantry and find the time for healthy home cooking. 


What can you expect? 

Cook for Health Coach creates a safe environment and offers support and accountability. You will be inspired and motivated to take on challenges, see results and achieve your goals. 

About Us
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The practice, located in Bucks County, PA, offers individual and group coaching led by Jane Barg. Jane is a national board-certified health and wellness coach and a chef. She is compassionate, understanding, and invested in partnering with people to make the changes needed to live healthier lives. In her own life, she has successfully overcome physical challenges and learned the importance of lifestyle medicine. She is passionate about healthy cooking and helping others make changes for their health.

Topics to be discussed during the program include: 

Healthier ingredients and cooking skills 

Developing a healthy kitchen and pantry 

Finding the time for healthy home cooking 

Implementing dietary recommendations from your health care provider 

Following diets to improve or treat health concerns (e.g. pre-diabetes, heart disease) 


Jane kept me focused and made sure our coaching sessions were productive.  I was impressed with Jane's professionalism, sensitivity, kindness, and insight.  She is a fantastic health coach.

Susan R.

Jane is gifted at creating and maintaining a non-judgmental and very comfortable atmosphere in which I am able to explore and deal with issues that get in the way of living a healthy lifestyle.

Alice S.

The skills of Jane Barg as a health coach and chef rekindled my desire to make meal time part of life's joy instead of a chore.   Today, I cook regularly for myself and my adult children and grandchildren. 

Leslie A.

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